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 Pets - Abby  - 02/22/06, Green Frog Pg3 - 03/03/2005, Sugar Gliders - 10/21/05,  Dove 11/26/05, American Robin 11/14/05, Blue Jay 11/16/05

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Green Frog Close-up

Baby Frogs & Tadpoles

Green  Frogs Pg 1

Green  Frogs Pg 2

Green  Frogs Pg 3

Leopard Frogs

                           Frogs Misc.


Toad in Grass






Green Tree Frog on Rock Ledge

Tree Frogs

Insects - Click on a Title Below


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly On Grape Leaf


Butterflies & Moths




Bumble Bee Flying To Bleeding Heart Flower



 Bees & Flowers



Red Dragonfly Streak -winged Red Skimmer Close-up




Misc. Insects

Praying Mantis


Wasps & Hornets


Plants- Mushrooms

Click on a Title Below


Large White Mushroom In Front of Tree






Plants- Trees and Shrubs

Click on a Title Below


Fall Colors Reaching Out



 Autumn Trees


 Bushes - Shrubs



Birds - Click on a Title Below

Peacock Male Tail Down

 Ground Birds -


Misc. Ground Birds


Doves Page 1

Doves Page 2




American Robin

Perching Birds -

American Robin

Blue Bird

Blue Jay


Cardinal Male on Log by PondCardinal Pair

Cardinal Male

Cardinal Baby


House Finch

 House Finch Nest                          House Sparrow


Tufted Titmouse

White-throated Sparrow

Misc. Perching Birds


Red Tail Hawk Sky BackgroundRaptors -

Hawk Like                








Water Birds -

Ducks-Mallard Pair

Ducks-Mallard Male

Ducks-Mallard Baby

Great Egret Close-up

Great Egret,

Canada Geese,

Great Blue Heron,

Water Birds Misc.


Mammals - Click on a Title Below


Adult Raccoon Looking at Us




Misc. Mammals





Gorilla Baby Sitting Arms And Legs Crossed



Monkeys, Apes &Lemurs




Elk Bull With Mouth Open - Bellowing

Grazing Mammals

White Tail Deer


Misc. Grazing Mammals

Mammals-Rodent Type


Mice & Rats





Ashes Sitting Up Close-up Photo


Gray Squirrel-BlackPhase








Gray Squirrel


Fox Squirrel




Winter Scenes -

Click on a Title Below





Snow And Bridge In Cricket Creek On Green Lake




Winter Scenes










Reptiles - Click on a Title Below


Fence Lizard with Dried Rose Petals


Snakes - Wild & Pet





Turtles - Land & Aquatic





Spiders - Click on Title Below


Due to a common phobia of spiders among many people, a thumbnail photo will not be displayed here.

All photos are on the following link.

 Spiders Web Page

Children & Nature -

Click on a Title Below

Savanna And Mother Frog



Children & Nature


Paths & Woods -

Click on a Title Below

Path In Woods By Marion



Paths & Trails





Stages of Hatching --

Click on a Title Below


First Hatch Duck - Peach Background


Ducks & Chicks



Farm Animals -

Click on a Title Below


Cow on Farm

Misc. Farm Animals

Pigs & Piglets




Chicken Looking To Right



Baby Chicks





Pets - Click on a Title Below

                         Pet Birds -

Cockatiel in Flight Black Background

 Amazon Parrot


 Love Bird



 Design Photos

              Abby In Chair With Harley Hat On And Tongue Out

Other Pets -

 Abby- Toy Poodle

 Abby- Christmas Photos

 Dog Fashion Show

 Misc. Dogs ( Free Photos )

 Sugar Gliders



Sunsets, Sunrise & Clouds -

Click on a Title Below


Sunset Light Clouds and Trees


Sunrise & Sunsets





Cumulonimbus Clouds Close-up




Clouds & Bad Weather



Fish & Aquatics -

Click on a Title Below

Goldfish With Yellow Lily



Pond & Koi Fish



Two Opposites Salt Water Angel Fish Salt Water Fish & Aquatics






Crayfish Full Profile

Fresh Water Fish & Aquatics



Plants- Flowers

Click on a Title Below

Azalea Pink Single Flower


 Christmas Cactus

 Daffodils - Narcissus



Yellow Rose With Orange Highlight Single




Misc. Flowers



Water Lily Virginalis Close-up


 Water Lily - Yellow

 Water Lily - Red

 Water Lily - White


Water -

Ponds, Waterfalls,

Lakes & Streams

Click on a Title Below



Pond With Two Lilies And Cattails



Ponds & Lakes




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