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Frogs - Green Frog  - Page 1

Rana clamitans melanota

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Frog photos are sometimes the most fun to photograph.  Many times, the frog would learn that by sitting really still for me when I was pointing the camera at them, that they would be rewarded afterwards with a worm.  I did have one male frog that decided that the tripod legs reflection was something that it should try to eat, and went from one leg to another trying to get a meal out of the reflection.  Mother frog also has jump directly into my camera lens, thinking that the reflection was something to eat.  She also would hop across from the back of the yard, if she thought she might get a worm, or just follow me around as I worked on the plants.  On more then one occasion, I nearly fell into one of the ponds, because I had to avoid stepping on her.  As "tame" as she was, the ponds were visited by raccoons almost nightly, yet she was smart enough to avoid them and other predators.  Most of the frogs in my backyard had their little area that you could always find them in, it was mostly the females that moved about and between the ponds.  I have gained an appreciation for amphibians and their intelligence just by spending so much time photographing them.


Note: On March 29, 2005 (at approximately 4 years of age) Mother Frog was killed by a cat. I had just come in the house, and about 15 minutes later I glanced out the window only to see a cat in the yard eating something.  I have the photo of the headless frog at the feet of the cat.  It was still cold out, so I know the frog couldn't have moved to fast and she probably had seen me earlier and left the pond to see if she would get a free meal.  Since there is an ordinance against having cats roam loose in our town the cat was caught in a humane trap (by using the frog's body as bait) and given to the local police.

Please cat owners, your pets belong inside or put them on a leash. Cats injure and kill wildlife everyday. Cats are not wildlife and should not be allowed to roam outside of your own yard. Every day that your cat stays in the house, saves another animals life. No other pet is allowed to do so much damage to wildlife (including  killing federally protected birds, mammals and reptiles).

New Pictures Added-


2004_10611 -

Mother Frog  By Flowers


Mother Frog Close up On Rock - 3


Green Frog Male on Rock


Green Frog Male Side View


Green Frog on Large Lily Pad


Mother Frog Facing Forward


Mother Frog Side View


Frog by Flower


Frog Floating to Left



Green Frog Singing


Frog by Variegated Leaves


Male Frog Head


Green Frog with Worm in Mouth


Green Frog Side View


Green Frog Close up


Floating Frog


Frog on Wet Rock


Male Green Frog Close up


Frog Reflection


Frog Climbing Fence


Frog Pair On Log


Male Green Frog

Close-up In Water


3 Frogs on Log One Up


Green Frog On Rock by Moss


Frog on Moss


Mother Frog on Bark with Flower


Mother Frog on Bark


Green Frog on White Rock


Frog On Front of Rock


Green Frog Male Head In Water


Large Green Frog Male


Green Frog - & Variegated Lily Pads


Green Frog Singing 2


Please, No More Photos


Hey, What's Happening


Male Green Frog Close On



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