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email- Sales@abirdyphotos.com

To order by U.S. Postal Mail -

After filling out all needed information print this form and mail with check or money order (made out to Carol Ely) -

Orders are shipped by U.S. Postal Service after funds have been verified.


If paying by check, order will not ship until it has cleared both my bank and yours (approx. 7 -10 days)

(U.S. funds on a U.S. Bank only) to:

Carol Ely


Abirdy Photos

204 Candlewood Dr.

De Soto, IL 62924

Credit Card Purchase available by email to a secure web site

Instructions: Email your order, when you receive a return email there will be a PayPal Buy button available to take you to a secure web site for credit card processing.

Do NOT send any credit card information by email or postal mail

For Special Orders  (large prints & special sizes) please use the email method.

This will allow me to send your special pricing by email and at a click of a button you can purchase from a secure web site.


New at PayPal:

PayPal does not require customers to become a member to use their service anymore.



It is best to print the below form and hand fill it out since some drop down menus may not work

Price unless listed otherwise are 8x10 $8.99, 5x7 $5.99

                Abirdy Photos                                          Post Office or email Form - ORDER FORM            

Please double check file number and price before sending order

Note: This is a manual entry form for your email or postal mail use.

The Calculate Total column will not calculate by itself, you will need to total it, or leave it blank, and I can email you the total.

Prices 8x10 $8.99, 5x7 $5.99 unless listed differently.

Photo Description

File #





































Shipping & Handling Charges


     U.S.- Photos only - One charge any quantity of photos - $6.00, shipped USPS Priority Mail.

If you would prefer First Class Mail $3.75


     International -  for international shipping and purchase you must use one of the web site links eBay-



or http://abirdyphotos.photoreflect.com

No international Orders accepted by postal mail!


Shipping & Handling



   See Details to Left

Important - Please double check before mailing or emailing form that all file numbers and prices are correct for

the listed items that you are purchasing. Orders will be filled by file number and cross checked against the

description you have listed.  Your phone number is required in case we have any questions in processing your order. 

Your contact information will only be used to fill this order .


mail to: Carol Ely, 204 Candlewood Dr., De Soto, IL 62924




Order / Contact and Ship Information


First Name:    Last Name:   

Street Address:    Suite # or Apt. #:

City:   State:     

Zip / Postal Code:    Country:  

(note shipping outside of the US will cost more, email me for the cost)

Home Phone:    Fax:   


If you would like this shipped to someone else, please fill in the below ship to information. Only one ship to, per order please.

Ship to Information (only needed if different than above)


First Name:   Last Name:

Street Address:   Suite # or Apt. #:

City:     State:    

Zip / Postal Code:   Country:   

(note shipping outside of the US will cost more, email me for the cost)

Additional Comments:



Instructions for Sending Order Form:

Postal Mail: Please print this form and mail with Payment or request for more information.


Email copy and paste instructions:  You must highlight the above information first and then you can use the edit menu

 to select copy or right click on highlighted area to select copy. Paste into your email and send to - Sales@abirdyphotos.com



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